Good Wine for all Earth People

We care about the ethical treatment of every hand involved in bringing wine from the farm, to our shop and ultimately into your glass. We care about our planet and good Mother Earth. We believe that 'Good Wine' should be approachable and enjoyed by all. We believe that BIPOC and women voices in wine should be cultivated, celebrated and lifted up for all earth to hear. We believe in diversity, love, community, and compassion over exclusivity, division and snobbery.

At Glinda, it is our greatest joy to provide good wine for all earth people.

All the Colors and Bubbles

Chenin Blanc, Riesling, Pinot, Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, Cider, and everything in between.

Domaine les Grandes Vignes Bulle Nature 2018 - Glinda
La Perdida A Chaira 2018 - Glinda
Methode Sauvage Moonstones Chenin Blanc 2019 - Glinda
Les Errances Cartouche 2019 - Glinda
Domaine l'Astré Flamenc Rosé 2019 - Glinda
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