Choosing A Natural Wine By Label

"I usually just pick based on the label." is a pretty common phrase we hear in the shop, and we love that so many natural wine labels resonate with consumers. You eat and drink with your eyes first, so why shouldn't a beverage intended to be fun have a fun label?

But despite only stocking natural wines, not every bottle we carry has a modern or "fun" design. Some are old-school, classic labels with surnames and places that most folks aren't familiar with. This doesn't mean what's inside is any less delicious or worth seeking out. You're just less likely to see it on instagram.

For us, natural wine isn't a trend; it's a movement based around making living wines from living soils and sharing those bottles with you beautiful souls without any pretension or gatekeeping. So don't be weary when we recommend that bottle with the boring, tan label...maybe the producer was just too focused on farming to give a shit about marketing trends