Cider Is Wine

Wine is defined as the fermented juice of fruit. Whether it's made of apples, pears, quince, or a mix of these fruits and others, CIDER IS WINE.

In the same manner that certain grapes are used for wine production because of their inherent qualities of sugar, acid, tannin, and aromatic compounds, every type of apple has its own balance of these qualities as well. GOOD ciders are typically made from apples that you wouldn't want to eat on their own because of their abundance of acid or tannin. Dessert eating apples, those that you'd find in a grocery store, are bred for sugar and disease resistance, not for cider. But those crabapples in your neighbor's those lil bb's!

The ciders that we stock at Glinda are made from heirloom apple varieties or foraged wild varieties, they typically undergo a period of maceration to extract aromatics and tannin, and are spontaneously fermented.

It's a big, diverse world of apples out there that is constantly expanding. Every apple tree that grows from seed is a new variety. With climate change hurling our globe towards environmental uncertainty, apple trees and their great diversity are a fruit source that fermentors can look to for glimmers of hope.