Glinda's Wine Buying Guide

Hello, earth person! We want to make your wine-buying experience as fulfilling and stress-free as possible. Here are a few things to think about before coming in. 

What kind of wine are you in the mood for?

Red, white, rose, sparkling, skin-contact (orange) are all good starting points, but is this wine for a particular occasion? Need something to go with tonight’s dinner? Tell us what’s on the menu. Heading to the park for a picnic? Binging your latest Netflix obsession? There’s a time and a place for all wines; we want to set you up for maximum enjoyment.

Are there any characteristics in wine you DO or DON’T like?

Don’t worry about the technical terms - just tell us what you’ve liked or disliked about wines you’ve had, or mention a bottle that you recently were over the moon for! The more reference points you can give us the better. It’s our job to interpret.  Do you prefer reds to be juicy & fruit-forward or to be earthy & hefty? Love the acidity of Riesling? The savory elements of Syrah? We can play 21 questions with your palate. 

There is no best wine, only wine that is best for you. 

Are all natural wines funky?

Short answer: no. 

Long answer: “funky” is often used to describe an aroma that one is not familiar with or doesn’t associate with wine. Every wine in our shop is alive and many get no addition of Sulphur Dioxide (a preservative) at any point, but we wouldn’t categorize them as “funky”. Some may be more reminiscent of non-“natural” wines, while others clearly stand apart in their appearance and aroma. Either way, Good wine tastes of fruit, earth, flowers, spice, herbs, etc. It expresses where and when it came from, and the hands that stewarded it from vine to bottle. 

Are you up for trying something new?

There are literally THOUSANDS of different grapes out there, and just as many ways of expressing them. We are here to help you navigate uncharted elixirs, or to stay in your comfort zone. There is zero judgement or pressure to branch out (but plz, give Riesling a chance).

How much are you looking to spend?

Let us know what you want to keep your spending under and we are happy to accommodate. Our goal always is for you to feel comfortable and confident! The shop is organized by price range, so once you get to know the layout we don’t have to talk about money anymore :)

We hope this helps you confidently connect with the right bottle for right now. All questions are welcomed and encouraged. 

XO, Glinda