November 2020 Wine Club

November 2020 Wine Club

November 2020 Wine Club

Welcome to the Inaugural Edition of Glinda’s Wine Club

These wines were picked in the spirit of the changing seasons, holiday gatherings, and comfort in the things we know for certain. Although our traditions may look a little different for a while, we still believe the tradition of wine drinking will always live on -- whether for quiet time by yourself, gatherings with your immediate family, or a few close friends. Whoever joins you, these wines are perfect for the times.


Ruth Lewandowski - Feints 2019 (Arneis, Dolcetto, Barbera, Nebbiolo)

This is a co-fermentation of red & white grapes, and it is a joy to drink; with or without food. Whichever situation you find yourself drinking it in, may you take heed from Evan’s perspective on life and be thankful for all that has died so that you (and this wine) may live.

"Nothing that is alive today could be so without something having died first. This is the redemptive nature of the universe, the planet, soils, plants, and ultimately you and I. From the wreckage of death and tragedy at the beginning of the book of Ruth, a young woman finds life, beauty and is able to truly live, not simply in spite of the death, but because the death occurred at all. The regeneration of the life of soils occurs only through organic matter…all completely dead, broken down carbon-based items. A natural fermentation is the building up and dying off of multiple strains of yeast and bacteria, each paving the way for the next strain to take over (and each leaving their altogether unique signatures of flavour, aroma, and textural compounds).” - Evan Lewandowski

Mani di Luna - Sangiovese 2019

A fresh and fun take on Sangiovese that harkens back to the days of yore when townspeople would buy wine in bulk from a local producer and bottle it up themselves. While this is a humble wine, it was still produced with much care and respect. The grapes were destemmed by hand then foot trodden for 5 days, and bottled in accordance with the lunar cycles.


Antiquum Farm - Alium 2019 (Pinot Gris)

At Glinda, we believe great wines are made in the vineyard, not in the cellar. Stephen Hagen's farming practices, what he calls "grazing based viticulture", are a testament to our belief. Ever since integrating animal husbandry into his vineyard management and creating a closed loop of nutrient cycles, his vines have become more and more singular, expressive, and distinctive of their site. We highly suggest visiting their website (or the farm itself!) to learn about their farming practices. There are plenty of pics of sheep, pigs, and dogs to balance out the technical reading. This wine is made from Pinot Gris that spends 30 days on its skins before resting in neutral barrels.

Clos Marfisi - Les Nuits Rouge 2019 (Niellucciu)

Niellucciu from the limestone soils of Patrimonio, Corsica that undergo a carbonic maceration (whole grape clusters in an anaerobic environment) to pull out lots of aromatics without too much tannin. Earthen & vibrant, this wine will be a nice companion for hearty braises, winter stews, and the Jaipur lamb curry from Annapurna Cafe.