Els Jelipins

Els Jelipins is a project of love, passion, and dreams realized.

Glòria Garriga knew ever since she was a little girl that she wanted to make wine from the lands she grew up in. After learning the trade and working elsewhere in Spain, she returned to her ancestral lands of Font-Rubí, in the Penedes region of Catalunya, to build out her vision with her partner Oriol Illa and their daughter Berta.

They sought out distinctive vineyards of native varieties, Garnatxa, Sumoll, Macabeu, and began building their modest home/cellar. As Glòria puts it: ”Els Jelipins was born from the – naïve? – desire to create a vinicultural project that will allow us to live in the hills of Font-Rubí, enjoying a life of moderation in which we as a family can find personal enrichment in tandem with the forces of mother nature and an appreciation of the simpler things in life."

The wines are true labors of love; they reflect the patience, energy, and good spirit that Glòria and her family have put into them. Harvested and vinified with great attention to detail and quality; these are wines that are made to last for generations to come. With their production only being around 3,000 bottles per year, there isn't much to go around, though.

The red, from 2015, is comprised of 60% Sumoll and 40% Garnatxa, and undergoes a long maceration (3-4 months) before being laid to rest for about 30 months in a mix of large, neutral oak barrels and clay amphorae. For fans of Barolo, this is not one to be missed.

The rosé, from 2018, comes from a 2 day maceration of 70% Sumoll and 30% Macabeu before being pressed into terracotta amphorae for aging. This is a "serious" rosé that is extremely gastronomic, but is also a journey all on its own.

As stated previously, these are wines made to last for years to come, so if you do open them in the near future we highly suggest decanting or drinking over several days to let their many layers unfold.

We were lucky enough to get a case of each wine, but are down to our last few bottles.