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Holiday Feast with Aussies

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We're not the only country built on the genocide of native people's lands. Sorry, too dark? Drink these wines and give back to the Duwamish; it's literally the least you could do.

Purchase this special holiday pack and we'll donate $5 to the Duwamish Tribe via Real Rent Duwamish.

Borachio - Pash Rash 2020
Escapism in a bottle. Traveling to the beaches of Australia is off the table for a while, but this wine doesn't have to be.

Travis Tausend - Permangk Land Semillon 2016
This skin-contact Semillon from Travis' 1st vintage was named after the traditional and rightful custodians of land his fruit comes from, the Peramangk people.

Travis Tausend - Agori Red 2020
A wine so delicate and nice you'd have a hard time believing it came from the year 2020. Red berries and spice lead to a Ricola-esque herbal finish that you don't want to end. Unlike 2020.

Jauma - Like Raindrops Grenache 2019
If this wine rained from the sky we'd have a hard time getting anything done. Thankfully it's been trapped in a bottle, so you can revel in its fruit, flowers, and spice when the occasion calls for it.