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Take home the wines that will be on our shop manager's table for the holidays.

Meinklang -  Foam White 2019
Skin-contact pet-nat from vines left to grow wild. You couldn't fit more natty buzz words into a single wine. Thankfully it delivers in spades with stone fruit & tea-like aromatics.

La Grapperie - La Pressoir de Saint Pierre 2017
Chenin Blanc is a workhorse on the dinner table due to its versatility, and this cuvee is like a linebacker doing ballet. This wine starts out amazingly refreshing due to a light spritz, and unfolds into luscious, golden fruits around a mineral core.

Weingut Schmitt - Rosé 2019
Deeper, more savory rosé is the kind of wine I am ALWAYS in the mood for, but Thanksgiving is just too perfect of a feast to not have a wine like this on the table. Hold the cranberry sauce and pass me the rosé.

La Dernière Goutte - Printemps 2015
Gamay on Thanksgiving might be the most established wine pairing we have in America, and for good reason. If it ain't broke...