Region: Awaji-Shima, Hyōgo Prefecture (Japan)

Rice Variety: Gohyakumangoku

Type: junmaishu

Polishing Rate: 65%

ABV: 7%

Ingredients: rice, water, kōji, yuzushu

Brewing: yamahai slow ferment, brewed with yuzu juice, undiluted, unfiltered

Serving Temperature: very cold

Size: 720ml

Notes: Togi 'Master Brewer' Kunihiro Yamauchi leads Miyako-Bijn's production of small batch quality driven sake while honoring the traditions of the past. Located on Awaji Island--where according to Japanese mythology the country was born--Miyako-Bijn has been brewing since 1945. This 'Yoigokochi Yuzu-Saki' is a refreshing blend of unfiltered and additive-free pressed yuzu juice and Yamahai brewed extra dry sake. Yuzu is highly acidic and aromatic, with three times more vitamin C than lemons. This sake has some natural fruit pulp for a pleasant bright color.